We Are Jobs Podcast

Focused on Interviewing Difference Makers in Creating Economic Growth for Small to Mid-Sized Companies and Communities
Episode 1 with
Subash Alias
Missouri Partnership

How does Missouri’s public-private business attraction organization work?

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Episode 2 with
Robby Burgan
Evergreen Advisors

Do you own a small to mid-sized company and need help with supply chain modeling, valuation, site selection, or a potential merger/acquisition?

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Episode 3 with
Dr. Chad Miller
University of Southern Mississippi

Are you interested in a Master’s degree in economic development? Or, could you use university backed research to aid in your economic development efforts?

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Episode 4 with
Bruce Takefman
Research Consultants International

Does your community need more prospect leads?

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Episode 5 with
Alex Metzger
Next Move Group

What are the most common mistakes economic developers make when interviewing for a new job?

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Episode 6 with
Pat O'Brien
Milwaukee 7

Learn how economic development leaders in Wisconsin optioned over 1,200 acres from 40 different land owners in 6 weeks to land the Foxconn deal which recently broke ground on a 1,000 job, $2 billion manufacturing facility in a Milwaukee suburb.

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Episode 7 with
Kim Wilmes
Florida's Great Northwest

Learn how Northwest Florida is using $1.5 billion from the BP oil spill to help companies locate and expand in the Florida Panhandle.

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Episode 8

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Episode 8 will be available on 5/23/19.


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